The cartographical representation of the situation elements and terrain, its lay-out, and existing buildings and constructions with their technical characteristics.

Topographic survey includes the shooting of underground and aboveground structures (communications), and (on request) individual-tree shooting. The result of the topographic survey is a digital topographic map of the survey area.

Main characteristics of the topographic surveying are:
- Scale (1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, etc.)
- Vertical interval,
- Systems of coordinates and altitudes..

Topographic mapping at a scale of 1:500 with vertical interval of 0.5 m is mostly used In the process of the design execution.

Landscaping and landscape design requires mostly the plan with a scale of 1:200 with a vertical interval of 0.25 meters.

Topographic survey is required, as a rule, in the event of a buyout or a privatization of a land plot.

Topographic plan for designing

Plan topografic pentru proiectare

Topographic plan for privatization

Plan topografic pentru privatizare

Topographic plan for commissioning

Plan topografic pentru darea în exploatare

Topographic plan for the legalization of additional constructions

Plan topografic pentru stabilirea regimul urban

Topographic plan for network design

Plan topografic pentru proiectarea retelelor ingineresti

Control shooting

Ridicari topografice de control

Topographic plan for road design

Plan topografic pentru proiectarea drumurilor, tunelurilor, podurilor