Stake out axis

Layout works represent the transformation in the field of geometrical elements of the project. In other words, the draft realized at the plan is materialized on the site. Thus, geodetic engineers are the link between architects/designers and construction engineers.

These types of work can be found at:

- Plotting axes of industrial, civil and agricultural constructions (foundation pit drawing, tracing axes and columns for the foundation, drawing axes at each level-floor after floor finishing, transmission of rate and drawing floor level + 90 cm.);

- Plotting axes of terrestrial communication lines - roads, railways (road and rail axis plotting, drawing in detail the transition curves, cross sections and longitudinal profile drawing, drawing piles for bridges and viaducts, drawing lines of borders, barriers, parapets and safety slide, etc.);

- Plotting axes of engineering networks - gas pipeline, water supply, sewerage, telephone etc.

- Plotting the axis of rolling track and technological lines of industrial plants.

Setting out of axes "Coliseum Palace"