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We live in the XXI century, into a world of ideas and innovation, advanced technology and scientific discoveries, we believe that the Republic of Moldova should also take advantage of these new technologies. In a world, affected by the economic crisis, SLAVA-GPS Company offers a new and innovative solutions at competitive prices: promoting new Leica Geosystems technologies in the domestic market to improve the quality of geodetic measurements.

The Republic of Moldova is often compared to Switzerland, the small and beautiful country with a strategic geographical location. Situated in the heart of Europe, between the two political forces, the European Union in the West and Russia in the East, the Republic of Moldova needs these new technologies to attract investment and modernize the economy.

SLAVA-GPS company is equipped with modern and advanced technologies such as Leica Viva GPS, which in Real Time Kinematics mode can play coordinates point with an accuracy of up to 1 cm, and Leica Viva Total Station as TS 15i – the fastest total motorized station with sensor and camera. These machines are compatible with each other and enable geodetic measurements even by a single operator, which significantly increases productivity.

All the company’s engineers are licensed, have superior education and experience of working both in country and abroad. SLAVA-GPS company was founded in 2009 and already is a dynamic company with a growing business. In this short period of time we were able to work closely with many companies in more than 300 objects.

- “Basconslux” JSC, “Dansicons” JSC – construction companies with whom we worked for plotting axes

- We also performed a lot of work for the commissioning of houses and privatization of individuals’ land plots.


Today our company cooperates with many construction companies in the Republic of Moldova, we are also involved in a European project with the French company “SADE-COMPAGNIE GENERALE DES TRAVAUX D'HYDRAULIQUE” and namely “CONSTRUCTION WORKS FOR THE REHABILITATION OF CENTRALIZED IRRIGATION SYSTEMS ALONG NISTRU RIVER – CIS 'JORA DE JOS” and “PRUT RIVER- CIS 'GROZESTI ,NISPORENI” within the framework of the Compact Program which is an aid program offered to the Republic of Moldova by the US Government by the agency of the Millennium Challenge Corporation for 2010-2015.

SLAVA-GPS company has rich experience in infrastructure projects; construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges. Some of the projects we have worked on are routes: Chisinau-Sarateni, Sarateni-Balti, Chisinau-Hincesti. In these projects we have performed the following works: coordination of reference points using GPS-technology and quality checking of geodetic measurements accomplished during road construction.

The Company is equipped with:

Land transport – Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi L200 and VAZ 21 083 Sport,

Staff – four qualified geodetic engineers and two professional operators.

We are a well-trained team and offer high quality of projects we are involved in, so we attract the clients who require high-quality works.

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